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This trick will always give your home an instant facelift

This trick will always give your home an instant facelift

Sometimes we want to feel a change, a revival of our home, but we are a little short on the time, effort and money that are required for most renovations. But, no longer do we have to worry about it because when we spoke to Interiors Expert, Kate Walker, a couple of months ago, she gave us her secret advice to giving a home a facelift without too much effort or budget. 

Kate told us, “My biggest design tip of all is that there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint. Paint is the cheapest way to get a fresh look. I’m a testament to that in my own home renovation. All I did was put in new floorboards and paint the interior and exterior. It costs no more to paint a room blue or white, so you can really change the whole design aesthetic of a room with a new paint colour. I’ve been known, in very tight design budgets, to paint existing cupboards and to paint over tiles where required.”

So, there you have it… If you want a home refresh on a budget, you need to head to the hardware store and check out the paint section. It’s a pot of gold and with a few hours of work, you have a stunning new space.

Let’s give you a mini-refresher course in painting, so you can get to work this weekend on transforming your home.


Paint Finishes

This is the texture or effect that the paint has once it has been applied to the wall. There are several finishes and each serve a different purpose as they can be ranked based on their sustainability, ease of cleaning, their shine or gloss and their susceptibility to wear and tear. We’ve compiled a helpful guide that tells you what each paint finish is here and if you’re looking for some practical advice, watch our video guide on how to paint for every paint finish here.


DIY Painting

Sometimes, it’s best to call in the professionals. That’s how we feel about painting the exterior of a property and sometimes even ceilings. If you’re not touching those two areas and are willing to do some manual labour, with the right equipment you can do a brilliant job. We’ve got a three-step guide on how to get the perfect paint job, every time. You can read it by clicking here.


Getting the Colour Right

There’s so many colours to choose from. One walk through Bunnings and you’re looking at swatches upon swatches. We love choosing a neutral paint palette and dressing the room up with lively or themed colours in tableware, décor and textiles because it means it’s easy to give a room a new ‘feel’ as frequently as you like. To help you navigate the ever-expanding world of neutrals here are some of our favourite paint colours…

Before you go and start painting, remember that designers often have consultation services so they can help you determine the best colour scheme for your space – regardless of whether you are doing the painting or if you have someone else doing it for you.

So remember to plan and prepare before doing the work and you’re sure to create your dream house! 


KWD is a niche business providing a comprehensive and consultative service that is unrivalled. With Kate Walker at the helm, KWD comprises a team of intelligent and dedicated staff who together ensure clients are retained for life. To find out more about KWD or to see more of the stunning projects, visit www.katewalkerdesign.com.au

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