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How to conceal an unsightly wall

How to conceal an unsightly wall

Have you ever walked into a property and thought that it would look great – but only if that one wall was removed? It’s not uncommon. In older properties, those popular for flips these days there’s exposed brick, popcorn plasterboard and textured walls that are just plain ugly. The problem is that you can’t just knock them down because they’re critical to the structural integrity of the property. So it seems like you’ve just got to learn to love them. But we’re here with some good news because that is just not the case.

There are some really clever ways you can conceal and ugly wall and never have to look at it or factor it into your own designs again – and even better is most of them aren’t very difficult at all!

So let us put some happiness into your next reno by sharing these tips and tricks with you…


Full length curtains

Installing full length fabric along an unsightly wall works particularly well in large rooms where the fabric doesn’t take up too much concentration.  Using a plain cream or neutral shade is particularly effective as it helps the room to develop a light and airy feel. Just make sure that the fabric is strong enough to block out the colour of the wall, or alternatively give the wall a coat of light paint before hanging the curtain.


You can turn an ugly wall into a creeper vine haven by laying the wire and letting them run up and down the wall as they like. It adds a fresh look to an outdoor space and does the trick for very little upfront cost. Just be sure that the position of the wall and the light exposure suit the plant you’ve chosen.

Paint it dark and make it a feature

Instead of covering it up as it is, paint it completely dark and hang artwork across the majority of the space turning it into a striking feature wall. By turning it into a canvas, the texture is less likely to be noticed and the hanging artwork becomes the focal point. You can use different types of artwork or different types of frames to set the mood of the room or even consider hanging a large mirror as the centerpiece to completely take the focus away from the wall.

Source: Home Polish

Source: Home Polish

Cover it up the old fashioned way

You can use plasterboard or gyprock over the top of the wall and just create a new layer. You may lose some room size as a result (5-10mm) however it’s a small price to pay for a completely new blank canvas. It’s relatively easy to do yourself, you just need to ensure the wall is prepared well before laying the materials on top.


Use timber slats

This is limited to outdoor areas, but you can use timber slats to cover up an ugly wall. Set them about a centimeter or two apart and cut them to size, then lay them flat. It will become more of a feature than an eyesore and it’s a great way of adding some character to an outdoor area.


Get practical with shelving

An alternative option is to cover it with shelving. Use floor to ceiling shelving units to fill the wall and this way you can decorate with splashes of your own personality, colour and decor. It's a more expensive one and you want to consider the depth of the shelves and be sure that they don't make the room too small. 


So there you have it – buy the house with the ugly wall, because we have the perfect solution for it!

Have you had to do it before? Send in your before and after pics to hello@dddreamhouse.com.au

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