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Our essential spring cleaning guide

Our essential spring cleaning guide

With spring right on our doorstep, that means outdoor BBQs and entertaining are here. The traditional spring clean brings with it a chance to rejuvenate and refresh your home indoors and out. So here are ten trusty steps to make sure your house is ready for the hotter months ahead and give it the best spring clean yet.


Turn your mattresses

The first step in our spring clean guide is turn the mattress. A mattress should be turned every three months, so doing it to start every season is an easy way to remember. Flipping the mattress this regularly can more than double its life. A mattress turned 180 degrees regularly reduces the wear and tear on the one spot dramatically.


Air Conditioner Filters

With the hotter months coming making sure the air conditioner is clean and ready to go is a must. Having a clean filter is a simple and easy way to ensure your air conditioner works more efficiently and keeps the air clean. The easiest way to clean your filter is to remove rinse with Luke warm water, followed by cleaning with dishwashing liquid and a soft bristled brush. Once dry run a vacuum cleaner hose or a dust buster over the filter and place back in the unit. Doing this process monthly while using the unit will keep the filter clean.


Light Fittings

Cleaning light filters is a simple way of making sure dirt doesn’t build up in your house. You can do this by removing any covers or shades and placing them in a sink of warm soapy water. Clean the inside of the fitting with a dry cloth, be sure to turn the electricity off in that part of the house where you’re cleaning the light fittings.


Windows inside and out

With those beautiful spring days closing in making sure your windows inside and out are clean. You can do this by grabbing a multipurpose cleaner and spraying it into the frame and sill and wiping clean with a microfiber cloth. For the window itself apply multipurpose cleaner to the window from top to bottom and remove with a microfiber cloth, working from top to bottom and left to right as to avoid streaks. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth newspaper works well too.


Blinds and Curtains

Cleaning blinds and curtains is important for ensuring the air inside your home is clean and free of dust. Start by vacuuming the blinds and curtains on a low setting with the upholstery attachment. This is where the procedures differ, for curtains remove them and air the in an open and fresh environment preferably out of direct sunlight and for blinds take them down spray with a multipurpose spray and wipe with a dry cloth then rehang.



Moving into spring means storm season is just around the corner in most parts of the country so ensuring your gutters are clean will keep water flowing freely and will stop water backlogs from cracking gutters or tiles and causing more damage. You’ll need to hire a professional or get up on a ladder and using some gardening gloves, clear them out manually. If you have a pressure cleaner with an extension, give the drains a blast to get rid of any mould build up, too.


Clean the Pool

Cleaning the pool is essential because you want it primed and ready for use. Take a water sample to your local pool shop and they will give you instructions on what products you need and in what quantities. Ensuring a good pH balance and adequate chlorination will make it safe for swimmers. Now is also a good time to give any trees or shrubs around the pool a trim so you aren’t out there scooping the surface every day.


Pressure Clean the Exterior

Take the cleaning outside and pressure clean the exterior walls of the house. Be sure to close all windows and doors beforehand and check any seals for leaks – now is the time to address them. If you have a concrete driveway or path, use the pressure cleaner to remove any damp build up that has developed over the winter months. 


And there you have it - everything you need to do to make your home feel fresh and clean for the warmer months. We love changing up our decor now while the place is refreshed, too, so use the opportunity to get creative! 

Any other tips? Leave them in the comments for other readers! 

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