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Five indoor plants that are near impossible to kill

Five indoor plants that are near impossible to kill

Indoor plants look gorgeous and are brilliant for creating a healthy home. They purify air, create a lovely atmosphere and a balanced environment. But not all of us are green thumbs and this is where people have a few hiccups. We all know someone (or it could be you!) who struggles to keep things alive for any time period longer than a week. Don’t be hard of yourself – it’s not easy! So to give you a head start we’ve listed some of the best indoor plants for you. Why are they the best? Because they thrive on negligence and are as low maintenance as they come.


Peace Lillies

Peace lilies are beautiful with a rich green colour and some gorgeous flowers. They are perfect plants for people who struggle to keep them alive because they let you know when they need some water by droopingover the side of their pot. They only need a small amount of water though so you can wait for the leaves to droop, water, and keep the cycle up to avoid over watering!



These stunning plants have been everywhere in rich green prints ever since Pantone announced ‘Greenery’ as the colour of the year. Luscious, big, green leaves make them a striking ascent to any room and they’re a hardy little type of plant. They can withstand neglect and forgetfulness to quite an extent, storing water in their large leaves, so if you want something that looks fabulous this might be the plant for you.


Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is actually a flowering herb and goes by several names. They are highly adaptable, comfortable in the heat (perfect for our Australian climate) and are very low maintenance. The major requirements are that the soil is kept moist and it has medium light exposure so pop it near a windowsill that will catch the morning or afternoon sun.


Boston Fern

Boston ferns are a favourite of ours because they’re lush and stylish. As most ferns, the leaves are long and frilly, hanging over the sides of the pot in quite a stunning way. It is a lighter coloured green that suits almost all colour schemes. The plants thrive in a typically tropical environment (it is a fern, after all!) so they like to be outside in warmer months and inside in cooler months.


Snake Plant

Snake plants are beautiful in their own unique way. Known air purifiers, they stand tall but compact and are hardy – they’ll thrive for even the most neglectful parents! They are also considered great for air purification so they’ll keep your home healthy.


So, there you have it neglectful, irresponsible friends! The plants that you won’t (or at least are highly unlikely) to kill! But if you have a tip for us on keeping our leafy friends thriving for longer, leave it in the comments and share it with the community. 

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