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Smart kitchen storage ideas that will change your life

Smart kitchen storage ideas that will change your life

If you're renovating the kitchen or are planning a remodel, you don't want to miss out on these smart kitchen storage ideas. The kitchen is the heart of the home, the most functionality-oriented space in the house and often, the area where you spend the most time. This means that you want it to not just look good but work well, too. 

Here is a round up of our favourite storage ideas from across the internet. Check them out and tell us, which would you like to include in your next kitchen project? 


Use hanging storage under a high cabinet or inside the roof of a large cabinet to store knives safely and smartly. This image and device is from Organizeit.com and can be purchased from their website. 



This pull out, vertically stacked spice drawer by the stove top makes cooking quickly a dream! Cleverly designed in IWashYouDry's home, it proves functionality and design can come together nicely. Image from IWasYouDry.com 



Better Homes & Gardens is a constant source of beautiful home inspiration. This clever kitchen idea is no different! Buy a modular, stand alone kitchen island on wheels and cover the top surface with a material suitable for food handling and chopping. Use the underneath storage space to store books or highly used items so you have easy access to what you need. Image and concept from Better Homes & Gardens



Appliances rule our lives these days, so make keeping them organised and the cords out of the way by installing power outlets in smart places. We love the idea of having them in under counter drawers or underneath cabinetry like in this awesome example from SallyJensenInteriors.com 

march 213.jpg


Use railings inside your deep drawers to stand pot lids up so the pots can be stacked easily without the lids rolling around inside. It makes it far easier to keep clean this way. This image from ImperfectHomeMaking.com 


Under the sink, install trays to store dishwashing equipment, sponges and detergents. Make sure that you can take them out to throw out any water that collects there at the end of each day, but it sure does make the kitchen look tidier without having everything sitting on the sink all day! This great idea and image from Domestically-Speaking.com 


Store your kitchen wrap (or anything else) easily inside a cabinet by using this clever DIY hack! Attach a magazine file to the door and you're done! Easy access and a designated spot. This clever idea and image from The Wandmakers Mother

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