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How to get the most from your renovation team

How to get the most from your renovation team

When you hire a professional to assist with any kind of home renovation or remodel, you need to find someone that you can work well with who doesn’t just have the right skills for the job, but also has the right personality match for you. After all, they are spending considerable time inside your home!

Most of the time, we shop around so we find the right one. But how often do you stop to think about what you can do to make your subcontractor’s life easier? Because a few small things can go a long way in ensuring that you communicate well, the job is done well and everyone is happy and on the same page along the way.

We’ve spoken to our wonderful network of builders, architects, sparkies, painters and plumbers to get a really good understanding of what makes their lives easier when working – so they can be more productive and do a better job. This is what they said…


Set communication expectations about frequency and method

All good relationships start with communication. Personal and professional ones, too. If you communicate well with your renovation team and establish the best way to communicate, it will be a great working relationship. If communicating via email or text works best for you, then arrange that. If you prefer phone or have the time to enjoy starting and ending the work day with a face-to-face catch up to cover any updates, then let your team know. This way you can communicate effectively and have the most productive working relationship.


Know what you want in advance

Too often do sub-contractors head to a job site where the owner ‘thinks’ they know what they want but isn’t sure. This leaves too much room for error and then can create a path for blame when the issue is really the lack of clear direction. If you know exactly what you want and can give the sub-contractors clear instruction, then they have a set of expectations they can work towards.


Ask us before jumping in and helping

While it is lovely that often homeowners look at the team working hard and want to help out, ask before you dive in. This is surprisingly important as there is method in the madness of the team doing the job! While you want to help paint the doors, they may not be painted until after the frames are done. Believe it or not, there is logic and they don’t mind a helping hand, but ask first so you don’t step on anyone’s toes.


Give us the details of other people working on the site

When renovating, there’s often a range of sub-contractors working together. There may be an electrician, plumber, concreter and a carpenter all working in one kitchen which is a lot of people. By giving the sub-contractors all details of the other businesses before commencing work, they have their own pathway for communication and can work together to manage the project in a best practice way.


So if you can do those things during your next renovation, you’re bound to keep the people working for you happy and their productivity at an all-time high… it’s a win-win for you, really! 

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