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Creating the perfect mood for every room

Creating the perfect mood for every room

Creating the perfect home comes down to balance. Each room serves a purpose and some clever decorating and styling tricks can ensure that the mood of the room doesn’t just match the purpose but enhances how well it serves it.

There are a number of different aspects to balancing the mood in a room and it’s not just crazy Feng Sui theory… These principals are backed up by science.



Lighting is one of the most important factors. Research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology identified trends showing that the more intense the lighting, the greater are a person’s emotions. This is important because it proved true for both positive and negative emotions. This means that in places of relaxation and quiet, intense lighting isn’t always the best option.



Colour psychology is a well-known, tried, tested and proven set of principles and they have a great impact on our emotions. This is why it’s typical to see neutrals throughout houses with upholstery, furnishings and décor in an accent colour. It’s a way of grounding the room and using colour psychology in the things that can be easily changed and adjusted. We’ve written an article on this and you can read it by clicking here.   



Scent is a less discussed mood influencer but it makes a big impact. How often do you walk into a shop like Crabtree and Evelyn and instantly feel relaxed? That’s the lavender and calming scents. Then you might walk into an active wear store and it might have something citrus and uplifting wafting around. This is because scents are very closely linked with our emotions and creating a balanced space with scent is very important in the home.


So here’s how to incorporate it into your home for a perfectly balanced space!



Key feeling: Tranquil and calm

Lighting: Lighting should be gentle and muted so it is easy to cast aside intense emotions and sleep.

Scents: Relaxing scents like lavender and jasmine

Colours: Neutrals like grey, whites with very gentle blues or lavender tones


Lounge and Family Rooms

Key feeling: Happy and uplifting

Lighting: Lighting can be intensified in these spaces but it is best if it’s natural.  

Scents: Uplifting and earthy scents like vanilla, cinnamon, caramel or sandalwood.

Colours: Colours can be more vivid and bright in this space so let your creativity run wild.




Key feeling: Fresh and clean   

Lighting: Bright light, both natural and artificial.   

Scents: Fresh and invigorating scents like lemon, grapefruit and peppermint.  

Colours: keep the base a nice mix of neutrals and compliment it with deep blues, fresh greens and yellows.




Key feeling: Clean and sophisticated    

Lighting: Artificial lighting is almost always required in bathrooms but create a space that can be dimmed for relaxation too.

Scents: Focus on scents like sea breeze, linen with gentle floral hints of jasmine or citrus like lemon in bathrooms.

Colours: Whites, greys and blues are our favourite bathroom colours for a relaxing haven.  



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