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Four things to do before your renovation starts

Four things to do before your renovation starts

Renovating is SO exciting. It’s a chance to be creative, innovative and inspired but sometimes it is possible to get carried away with all of it. When you finally get to the stage where your renovation is about to kick off, there’s a few things you really should do, to ensure it’s a smooth process.

So you creative, inspired types don’t get distracted and forget to do them, we put together the below pre-renovation checklist so it will be the best project yet. So, in no particular order at all, here are our four pre-renovation must-dos!


Tell the neighbours

There is nothing worse than backing out of the drive way to do the school run in the morning and sitting in the middle of the road is a gridlock of trucks and machinery. There is also nothing worse than putting the kids down for nap time to the blissful sound of a jackhammer. So be kind to your community and tell the neighbours. If you’re friendly, mention it in person or via text. If you aren’t best buds then simply write or type a note and drop it in the mailboxes of the people living nearby. Something short and sweet is all that’s required or you can use our template here…


This is a friendly notice to let you know that 1 Smith Street will be undergoing renovations from 1 September to 7 September. During this time there may be extra vehicles on the street and machinery operating on site. We will endeavor to keep the noise down and disturbances to a minimum, but we wanted to let you know so there are as few disruptions as possible to our neighbours. If you have any concerns feel free to contact us on 123 456 789. Jane and John Smith (1 Smith Street, Smithsville)


Check the budget

Before the project starts do one final budget check. This is when it’s a good idea to check a spreadsheet (you should have one!) against the quotes from each sub-contractor and make allowances for any potential shortfalls or problems you may encounter.  


Tell the council

Of most importance, ensure you have notified the council or filed for the necessary Development Applications and received approval. You don’t want to spend thousands on a project only to find that it actually doesn’t meet council guidelines and have to make expensive alterations down the track. If you aren’t sure about whether or not your project needs council approval, click here.


Make some space

Renovations mean changing up your home. So, this means for a renovation to be completed in a timely and efficient manner, you need to shift your furniture and belongings before it starts. Enlist the help of friends to do the moving the afternoon before the project begins and invest in some storage units on wheels (Ikea or any storage store can help you out) so you can pack things away in an organized fashion, making it easier to put back together again in your newly designed space.  


And once you’ve done these four things, then we say you’re good to go! 

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