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Old world furniture that is making a comeback

Old world furniture that is making a comeback

The rise of minimalist design over the last two decades has led people everywhere to focus on decluttering their homes by removing unwanted pieces and keeping the absolute necessary items in the home. This means that the decorative and beautifully carved ornate items we've inherited from our grandmother's and great aunts have been sitting in storage somewhere for quite some time. 

It feels a little like the beauty of these items has been lost on ourselves and the younger generations coming through, probably to the dismay of our elders who watch us fill our homes with flat packed bargain furniture while pieces with incredible monetary and emotional value sit in the back shed. 

But we've started to see a change in what people are looking for. I'm definitely not saying that the days of modern minimalism are over - but more that we're softening our approach to interiors and styling to accommodate more personality and character. This means (dare I say it) that those vintage pieces in storage are making a come back! 

This isn't just an anecdotal opinion - you can see it everywhere, across the stores in the Architectural Digest home features online. People are infusing their homes with eclectic, story-telling pieces. 

To convince you of this change and to give you a little bit of shopping inspiration, we've rounded up six of our favourite pieces making a comeback that haven't really been in vogue for quite some time. If you disagree with our thoughts, we'd love to hear why - we might even publish it! Leave them in the comments below and we'll get chatting! 

Old World furniture making a comeback: 

Classic Sideboards and Buffets: for a while they haven't featured in modern homes despite being practical and beautiful. They sit beautifully in a hallway, in a dining room adjacent to the main table or in a lounge room behind the main sofa. 

Hide rugs: We absolutely adore all animals, don't get us wrong, but the hide rug look from the 70s and 80s is making a comeback and we love it. If you can get your hands on something vintage then that's great but if not, click the link below. 

Mirrored or Silver Decorative Trays: Think about the crystal and silver dishes Nanna would drop her jewellery into at the end of the day - these little decorative items are making a comeback. So have a dig around, see what you can find, give the pieces a good clean and set them up somewhere gorgeous. 

Bar Trolleys: These are one of our FAVOURITE pieces for the home. They're interesting, can be used for their purpose and cart around alcohol (ideal for entertaining) or can be used as a stage for vignette styling. 

Tired Candles: Think about these like a new take on the candelabra. You can actually find some stunning silver candle holders in vintage shops or like me - Mum and Dad's storage unit! 

Decorative Mirrors: In the bathroom we're used to seeing a sheet mirror in a large rectangular or circular shape hanging on the wall. Before these large glass planks were the rage, people used to hang unique mirrors on top of the basin with decorative frames. Some bold, some subtle, some wooden, some metal, some tiled, some ceramic. It was a way to give a room colour and life - so let's start doing that again! 





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