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Californian bungalow transformed to suit a modern Sydney family lifestyle

Californian bungalow transformed to suit a modern Sydney family lifestyle

One of our favourite things at Dddreamhouse is seeing the experts take on a a unique challenge and overcoming it in the renovation process. One of the most common challenged Aussie’s are faced with when it comes to design, is having to adapt period properties predominantly suited to an European climate for the modern family while staying true to the heritage and bones of a building.

We recently learnt about one project where this was the case and Maurice Patten of Patten Design achieved architectural gold in our eyes with how he transformed a 1934 Californian bungalow into a modern, airy and spacious modern home.

The home of former Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jeremy Bingham, and his wife Candy, is a Californian bungalow style property and was essentially in original condition when the Bingham’s purchased it in 2003. Apart from painting all the architraves and adding an ensuite to the main bedroom, there had been no alterations to the property since it was built.

The stunning new kitchen and deck addition, as well as purpose-built under-house storage, leisure space and garden reconfiguration was sparked by one simple idea.

“It all started with Candy deciding she wanted a red oven,” says Jeremy, of their 2016 renovation.

Jeremy and Candy love to entertain but prior to the redesign they had to counter harsh western sun and a lack of usable indoor/outdoor space.

Candy, who served as a Manly Councilor until the recent Northern Beaches council amalgamations, and who is an active campaigner with the group Good for Manly, worked with architect Maurice Patten on a new master plan for the Manly waterfront area. Maurice applies his years of experience in resort planning and design when he’s working on home projects, to create unified indoor to outdoor spaces that have flow, beauty and functionality.

“Maurice could see the issues with house straight away. He has an incredible eye and was able to take our brief of designing an amazing new kitchen and entertaining area, and made a dead area of the house into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. He’s created a home that perfectly suits our lifestyle,” says Candy.

The couple are regular entertainers, whether it’s meetings for Good for Manly or family celebrations where they can expect to have over 20 people at any one time, creating a space that caters to this and reflects the elegance of the original house was paramount.

“Jeremy and Candy have such a wonderful story, I didn’t want to just create a wonderful space to accommodate their lifestyle,” says Maurice. “I also wanted to reflect some of their history together in a unique way.”

And, what could be more unique than to incorporate a series of stained glass windows into the deck extension that tells the story of Jeremy and Candy and their life that spans the harbor from Manly to the City? Including a representation of Manly’s famed Norfolk Island Pines using the Fibonacci Sequence, the deck also benefits from a solid roof with adjustable shutters to capture the afternoon breezes and block out the severe western sun.

“Maurice shows an attention to detail that really sets him apart,” Candy and Jeremy both agree. “The timber pillars on the deck have been designed with aesthetics in mind. Structurally they didn’t need the triple posts but the visual effect is what makes this design reach the quality heights that it does.”

All the work was carried out by local tradespeople, such as Seabreeze Kitchens in Freshwater, in-keeping with Candy and Jeremy’s commitment to their local community.

“Using local people for the job meant that we were able to develop strong relationships,” says Candy. “The under-house storage especially was a long process so you need to work with people you trust and who are understanding.”

“MKA Constructions, also based on the Northern Beaches, selected carpenters who were top trades-people who just wanted to get the job right,” says Jeremy. “You have to appreciate that kind of commitment.”

The end result with this modest beach house it that they have ended up with a fine piece of architecture that fits perfectly with the heritage but that doesn’t try to be historical in itself.

“Everything about this house makes my soul happy,” says Jeremy.


Take a look at the photos below and tell us - would you love to live here? 





Project Credit goes to... 

Architect: Patten Design
Builder: MKA Construction
Kitchen: Seabreeze Kitchens




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