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How to choose the perfect lighting for a room  

How to choose the perfect lighting for a room  

Lighting is very important for creating moods throughout the house. Bright and airy creates a feeling of being awake and lively, dark rooms make for a cosy space, dim lighting creates an atmosphere of sexiness and mystery. So when it comes to choosing what lights you use for each space, there’s a lot to consider.

So you can get it right every time, we’ve put together this little questionnaire so you can go shopping for lighting with a clear idea of exactly what you want. This will save you time and money – trust us!



How bright do you want the lights?  Is there a chance that you will want to change the atmosphere of the room regularly? Then you might need a dimmer option. This will allow the light to be turned down or up depending on what you’re using it for. Some rooms where this is particularly valuable are the dining room and the lounge room. You might want to create a bright and happy lounge space when you have guests, but turn it down when you have a movie on.



How big is the space you are filling with light? Will you need just one or many? If you’re interested in down lights, you will need a few scattered strategically around a large room to provide ample lighting. If you are filling a small space, a single pendant light will do the trick. Consider the size of the space, then what type of light you’d like to do the math and get it right every time.



Now that the pretty stuff is out of the way, let’s get practical. How many power sources are around and how easy is it to create new light fittings electrically? You might have one in the roof now but want to use two lights instead, so work out what electrical requirements you have (including voltage) by speaking with an electrician, then get shopping.


Roof height

Another practical element to consider, is how high is the roof? Do you have room for a hanging pendant light? Do you need something small? Work out exactly how high the roof is and where the lowest hanging point a light could be to be practical.


Type of light

There are so many types of light that you can select; white, yellow, fluorescent, incandescent, bright, warm, cool, daylight and more. Do some research into what each looks like and work out what fits best with your space. Hint: We love natural lighting in every room and when you have to fake it, halogen white lights are our best pick.  


So there you have it. Answer those questions before you shop and you’ll be able to find the perfect fit in no time – get ready for your house to light up and look brilliant!


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