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Five ways to update your staircase

Five ways to update your staircase

Staircases are often forgotten when it comes to renovation excitement. We move them if we absolutely must, we paint the bannisters when the rest of the room gets painted and other than that, they’re always last on the list.

But for many homes, the staircase is either at the front of the home and is something you see almost straight away when you enter, or it sits adjacent to the family/living zone – the space we spend most of our time.

Because of this, the staircase deserves some attention. The best thing is that it’s not always difficult or expensive. So here are five ways you can update your staircase, and if you plan well you can have it done in one weekend!


Remove carpet

Remove your carpet and get polishing those lovely hardwood boards underneath. You can use our handy carpet removal guide here. Be careful to ensure that you don’t finish the boards with anything too slippery and take the time to clean, sand and stain the boards well – you don’t want a rush job.


Add some carpet

In reverse, if you have a hardwood staircase, give it a homely feel by adding a strip of carpet down the whole staircase. Think about it like adding a table runner to a table. You don’t want the fabric to cover the whole step, but you do want it to cover the main thoroughfare. You will have to use a nail gun or staple gun to secure it so go stair-by-stair and ensure you don’t miss anything to avoid slips. Find something that is neutral with a light pattern to compliment the rest of your décor.


Paint the Railings

This is where you can be creative. Paint them an entirely new colour, refresh the paint job with the same colour or do something different and try painting the balusters

one colour and the handrail another. Think black and white, off-white and grey, navy and cream – take inspiration from the rest of your home and make it striking!


Change the balusters

If you have wooden balusters, remove them and replace with metal or wire. If you want to create an industrial look then pick something in theme, a charming look then change the shape from something boring to something carved and charming. Do some research about what you can use, how easy it is to install and what look you’d like to create.


Get creative with the riser

If you don’t want to change the step itself, then why not add some colour, wallpaper or interesting art to the riser? Make it the feature, because it’s subtler than making a drastic design change but still makes an impact.



The feature image by Mrsiraphol - Freepik.com

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