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How to rejuvenate your hardwood floors

How to rejuvenate your hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a design element that will never age and fall out of interior vogue. They can look modern, classic, traditional, aged, coastal or antique proving that they’re one of the most versatile parts of the home. However, there’s a key to keeping them looking good - and that’s maintenance. It doesn’t need to be too regular, but every year or two it doesn’t hurt to give your hardwood floors a bit of love.


So, here’s our guide to help you rejuvenate them and give the floor it’s shine back!


Clear and clean the surface

Remove all furniture from the space and give the floor a good clean. Start with a sweep, then a vacuum and then use a cleaning solution. We recommend using a specialist hardwood floor cleaning solution – available from most hardware stores – so you are giving the floor the best and most gentle clean before you get to work. While the room is empty, it’s also an opportune time to clean the walls, windows and vacuum the curtains.


Give the floor a chemical sanding

You should be able to find a non-abrasive liquid etcher or sander at the hardware store. This will be a solution that roughens the surface that requires gentle brushing with a mop like tool. The trick here is to make the process swift, you don’t want the solution to fall into the cracks between floor boards or leave a lasting chemical smell (not all of them, but some of them do this). As soon as you are done, wipe the floors with an old towel so there isn’t to much solution sitting on the surface. Handy hint: It can be easiest to work in smaller squares so you don’t have solution sitting on the floors for too long.


Give the floor another wash

When the etcher liquid has dried (about 30 minutes) give the surface a good clean with a mop, warm water and a dash of dishwashing liquid. This will remove any remaining residue and neutralize the smell but just be sure to dry the surface quickly.


Fill in the scratches

You can use a specialist wood filler to fill in any scratches, but be careful to test a small colour dab somewhere that can be concealed before filling in all of the scratches with a solution – you want to match the colours well! Each filling kit comes with its own instructions, so make sure you follow them and allow the substance to set for the recommended amount of time.


Apply the finish

Now that the floor is clean, dry, filled in and ready to go you can apply the finish! Guard the skirting boards with tape or plastic to avoid stains. It is best to stain a floor with a paint pad so you can cover the largest area in the quickest time. This will ensure it’s an even coat with few stroke marks. Avoid trying to fix imperfections while it is drying and sticky, instead when you go back for the second coat (two-four hours later) focus on fixing any imperfections then.


Let it dry for a full 24 hours before moving furniture back into the room and enjoy your stunning, freshly rejuvenated floor boards! 


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