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Everything you need to know before you select your sub-contractors

Everything you need to know before you select your sub-contractors

Creating your dream home can be a wonderful journey. It’s one where you watch your vision come to life in a spectacular way, but those out there with grand visions for their home forget one little detail – there’s only so much they can do alone, so naturally a large part of executing the vision is left to other people. In fact, it’s not just a little detail, it’s a big detail and it’s one you want to get right from the start.


What to think about before you start looking for your sub-contractos

Before you start hunting for sub-contractors, if you’re self-managing the project ensure you have a plan together. Know what you want to achieve and use photographs, magazine clippings and plenty of examples to convey your vision. Some may help you select materials, some may not, however it helps if you have something in mind before you start.

Do some research and have budgets in mind. This way you have a benchmark of where you expect the quote to be, but make sure you do your research – don’t just pick a number.

Think about the timeframe for the job and your expectations of the contractor. This will help you to find someone who is positive about achieving this.


Where to look for your contractors

There’s one place to start and it’s always the most reliable… Your friends and family. Ask around for recommendations or referrals. A recommendation from someone who has worked with them should weigh far more in the decision making process than a good website or some good social media photographs of the job.

Once you’ve got a few potential candidates for the job, take your search online. Google for potential sub-contractors in your area and be sure you look for reviews or testimonials online, too. Always enquire with a few people before making your selection and be sure to make your decision based on quality, communication and personality – not just cost.


What to ask them before signing the bottom line

Before signing the bottom line after you’ve made your selection, be sure to cover these things first…

  • Do you guarantee your work?
  • Who will be carrying out the work exactly?
  • Are you licensed to work on this project/this type of work?
  • How will you protect my property (drop cloths, floor covers etc.)
  • Are there any permits you think I should obtain before starting this?
  • How will you communicate with me if there are any issues?
  • Is there anything about my project or property that concerns you?
  • Do you have a feedback process during the job?


Once you’ve done all of that and you’re satisfied with the answers, it’s safe to say you’re ready to go! Be sure to always set expectations (for you and the sub-contractor) and remember that they’re a professional and this is their work. 


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