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The forgotten art of choosing a good carpet - how to get it right

The forgotten art of choosing a good carpet - how to get it right

It is said that details are what makes the difference between a cosy, beautiful home and a good-looking but a boring one. A futuristic light fixture, vintage cabinet handles, a vase with an extraordinary shape - such small things but they can be the perfect finish for a great design. And on the top of such a list, we can confidently put the carpet.

Carpets are one of the preferred floor coverings for a reason...or more like a dozen of reasons. Wall-to-wall or area rug - they give a chance to those of us who are not interior designers by trade to free our imagination, find our inner artist and turn a house into a home that carries this one special print of our taste and style. However finding and choosing the perfect one is not such an easy job. 

Before going for a carpet shopping here are some of the ways your new purchase may add value to the interior design:

Using colours in interior design is a science. Combining colours, changing them with neutrals (tint, shade, tone), playing with temperature and different colour schemes - every one of these things can be completed with using a carpet or area rug. In addition, the result is not strictly permanent like a wall paint or furniture choice and can be changed with less effort on a seasonal basis for example.

Sometimes even if everything has been done right a room feels flat. Interior needs something to just balance things and add visual weight. The solution is simple - texture. With carpets and rugs, the choice of textures is almost endless. 

Accents in a room are like statements and carpets make really good accents. No matter if you want to show your affection for flowers, love for animals or passion for art you can achieve it with just a piece of carpeting.

Unique style
Vintage carpet can give a vintage look, contemporary carpet design will complete a bold modern vision, an oriental rug brings a whole culture with it, etc.

There are pros and cons but, as it is with anything else, a perfect carpet just doesn't exist. The good thing is that with some knowledge, one, pretty close to ideal, can be found.

To prevent a mistake that can be pretty expensive in some cases it's good to have a general idea about the following things:

  1. where the carpet will be placed

  2. what will be its general purpose

  3. what is the budget size

Knowing these 3 things will help you narrow the search in the sea of carpets and save you some time. The traffic and the purpose will determine the most suitable material for the perfect piece. Man-made synthetic fibres are more durable and stain resistant, easy to clean and inexpensive. They usually last long against sunlight and dirt, however, sometimes they look or feel cheap and unimpressive compared to natural fibres.

The latter are the better choice if you are aiming for a fancy look. It comes with some requirements though. Natural fibres usually need special treatment when cleaned to prevent damage or fading.

Another thing to consider is the colour. Dark coloured carpets could hide stains more efficiently but are not so good with the lint. Light colours are used because of the visual effect of a larger space they create.

Other specifics like pile, density, pattern and base play a significant role as well. That makes choosing a carpet from a catalogue a little bit tricky. The better option is a showroom where you can see, touch and even test the carpet. Some shops offer a sample you can take home and check if it fits well in the room and with the complete design idea.

Last but not least - the cost. This is a broad topic as you can purchase synthetic or slightly damaged carpet or rug almost for free and at the same time, there are pieces with a price that is comparable of that of a pure diamond. Anyway, because of the great variety on the market, finding a good deal is not such a problem.

At the end of the day, shopping for a carpet could be a little adventure and a very pleasant experience, ending with achieving the desired look for your home. And the things that should be considered (cleaning, cost, etc) are not enough of an obstacle to stop you from accomplishing your design goals and shaping the home of your dreams.


This article was written by the lovely Robin Foster, marketing specialist for Carpet Cleaning Experts Melbourne. Robin has a passion for interior design, art and fashion apart from my profession. She loves finding new projects and challenges, as well as searching for the small beauties in the world around.


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