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How to style a perfect vignette

How to style a perfect vignette

Feature image sourced from Dream Green DIY (click on the image below to see more!) 

Vignettes are a lesser known term for those beautiful arrangements of trinkets and homewares we see scattered on people's coffee tables, shelves and sideboards. 

They add an element of charm and elegance to a room and when used as a focal point, help to really convey the personality of a room or it's owner. Today we're having some fun and stepping you through our handy DIY Vignette guide. Think about where you can put them around your house while you read. It might be a brilliant excuse to get the family crystal out of the cupboard and somewhere that it can actually be seen and admired! 

Step One: Find a base 

You need a base for your vignette, think a tray, or even a small table runner or doily. This gives it parameters and helps it to stay compact. Remember to consider the size of the whole furniture surface area. You don't want it to be too big or too small relative to the space. 

Step Two: Give it some life 

An important part of a gorgeous vignette is life. Some people love floral arrangements like fluffy disburse or striking orchards and others like greenery - something light and fresh. Depending on what else is around the room and whether your style is bright and colourful or neutral and demure, you'll know which to choose. 

Step Three: Give it some levels 

You need to create levels of focus in a vignette, think books on their side stacked up from largest to smallest, with a crystal bowl perched on top. This might sit halfway up the length of the plant, so you have a tall pillar candle sitting beside the books to bridge the gap. Make these things interesting and beautiful - a reflection of you. 

Optional: Give it a backing 

Coffee table vignettes have no need for this, but for vignettes sitting on wall shelves it can make a truly striking feature. Sit artwork in the same tonal palette as your pieces behind them. One or two pieces or even a mirror help to complete the look so when the eye travels there it's an aesthetic feast! 

And it's as simple as that - one, two and three! As long as you keep the levels and depth interesting and compliment it with something lush and living, you'll have a stunning focal point for your room. 

To send you away with some serious inspiration, here's our favourites floating around online... 


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