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Your guide to choosing the right kitchen countertops

Your guide to choosing the right kitchen countertops

Countertops are one of the first things people notice when they walk into a kitchen. They play such an important aesthetic role in home design, but their functionality is equally important – this means that they can be tricky to get right! The good news is there are so many wonderful companies who are working to create fantastic durable products that are also beautiful to look at. Let us step you through what to consider when choosing your countertops and give you some ideas when it comes to products…


Functions to consider

When choosing your countertop material, you want to think about durability, heat resistance, water retention and water proofing, cleaning and maintenance and cost.


Design Features to consider

The design features are important because there are so many things that need to be considered. Here’s our recommendatios of a few…

  • Bright and bold kitchen or blank canvas?
  • High end luxury look or humble family look?
  • Is the bench a feature or is the room feature something else?
  • Have you chosen your cabinetry?
  • Are there design trends relevant to the look you’re trying to create?

So let’s look at the options…



It is great for wear and tear including knife nicks, heat, general use and water resistance however it needs to be sealed reasonably regularly to avoid discolouration or stains. It is on the more expensive end of the scale and it is incredibly heavy, but the beautiful look makes it worthwhile. It’s mottled patterns and range of shades make it a popular choice for design lovers.


Quartz Surfacing

With low maintenance and incredible durability, this man made alternative to granite is a slightly less expensive option. It is fortified with resin so it is hard wearing and antibacterial. Although it doesn’t have the natural variance of granite, it has a wide range of finishes and colours, giving it fantastic design versatility.



Glass is becoming more popular and it’s flexibility in size, shape and colour makes it highly sought after. Although it needs frequent cleaning, it is extremely durable, heat resistant, easy to clean and it’s hygienic. It gives a very polished, stylish and sleek look to any room but it will come at a cost as it can be quite pricey.



Undoubtedly the most popular on the market, laminate is cheap, antibacterial, easy to maintain, easy to clean and comes in a wide range of finishes so you can actually make it look more expensive than it is. There are a couple of downsides to the material though that come with accidental wear and tear. The material is a lot softer than stone so it can peel with time, scratch or even melt if exposed to too much heat. It is however, the most cost effective option on the market.


Stainless Steel

This is a commercial kitchen favourite, but it’s making an entrance into homes with the industrial design trend and it looks great in small spaces. It’s a strong and durable material, naturally antibacterial, easy to clean, waterproof, heat resistant, light in weight so easy to install and it looks good. The only difficulty is that it can lose its aesthetic factor when integrated into large areas.


Basically, you need to do plenty of research and plenty of planning before you decide which direction to take your kitchen in. Know exactly what you want before choosing your countertops so you can build your dream home without compromise or difficulty! 

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