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Nine ways to make your house look expensive on a budget

Nine ways to make your house look expensive on a budget

We all want to make our home look more expensive than it is, because if we’re honest with ourselves, we are all bargain hunters deep down. But creating the ‘expensive’ look can be difficult without infinite financial resources. To help you we’ve put together a list of nine things you can do to improve your home and make it look more expensive while you’re on a budget. Most of them are easy to do, it comes down to styling, being tasteful and in some cases, a little bit of elbow grease.


1. Use and display interesting, off the beaten track pieces

What is the one thing in life that you can buy that can make you richer? Travel. It’s an old saying, but it holds true when it comes to interior design. Using a feature piece in a room that has distinctive cultural or geographic ties can completely transform a room to a cultured, adventured oasis and give the illusion of being expensive. For example, a stunning vintage rug in a Persian or African style can make it look like you’ve visited those stunning places, or a Moroccan looking lamp or feature can look like an item collected on your travels. That can make your space look a little bit extra.


2. Consistent frames
Filling your walls with artwork, photographs and memorabilia is one thing, but keeping them in consistent frames can make them look a little next level. You can pick up very cheap, but stunning simple and minimalistic frames from Kmart, Ikea, Big W and many other low-cost stores so take a look around and see what you can find. Shadow box frames, plain wide band black frames and even beech timber looking frames can be highly effective when used consistently throughout an entire home.


3. Take lighting seriously, options

Lighting doesn’t just create moods, a striking pendant light over a dining table or in an open stair well can be a stunning way to create an expensive feel. Throughout the house, the use of luxe looking lamps can do the same and tall but chic standing lamps. Choose lightshades that are simple but chic and save the complex, geometric and funky designs for pendant lights. Remember to center them, regardless of which space they are in and align them with the center of the furniture below so they are grounded.  


4. Large scale art

Art makes any space look more expensive, but stand out large scale art is even better. Whether it’s a painting or a print, a big piece of artwork creates a focal point for the room and the difficult to obtain nature of large art makes it a little bit exclusive.


5. Good landscaping

They say curb appeal can change the sale price of a home and it can make a home look more expensive than it is. You want to have clean, well-managed lawn and plants outside the home and the use of stones, low-lying hedges and shrubs can make a home look fantastic from the outside. Use solar lights to line garden paths and the areas outside front doors and always keep the front door area swept and clean.


6. Simple chic vignettes

Vignettes are a way to make a room look well put together, while giving them personality. By putting them together well with similar colours and interesting objects they create an interesting feature within the space. Remember to use something alive (like a nice plant), something to ground it (a good tray or book), something to join the two (a candle, small object or statue).


7. Stick to colour palettes

Having consistent colour palettes and schemes throughout each space goes a long way in making it aesthetically pleasing and expensive looking. Choose two neutral tones and one accent colour. To make it easy to change on a budget, fill the space and paint the space in neutral tones and just use the accent colour in things like the vignettes, artwork and textiles like cushions or rugs that can be changed easily.


8. Coordinate finishings

In rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, create a custom designed, well planned look by coordinating finishings. Use chrome tapware, handles and light fittings throughout or choose something like brass for an interesting touch. Keep it consistent and it will look like an intentional consistent feature, creating an expensive illusion.  


9. Fresh coast of paint

Last, but certainly not least, is paint. Chipped, wearing or dirty paint on the exterior of a property makes it look run down and tired – definitely not expensive. Give your property a facelift by re-painting any painted surface or water blasting and re-grouting any brick or rendered surfaces.


So, there you have it! Fail safe ways to create an expensive feeling space without really parting with much cash at all! 

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