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What you need to know about selecting subcontractors

What you need to know about selecting subcontractors

Selecting a subcontractor is something you don’t want to take lightly. You need to find someone that is reliable, trustworthy, has a good reputation and can produce high quality work. This is across the board – regardless of whether you are looking for a builder, handy-man, electrician, plumber, architect, tiler, concreter and the list goes on.

By knowing what to look for when you search for your subcontractor team, you can choose a great one who you will enjoy working with and will do the job well.


Recent Examples of Work

Ask to see recent examples of their work so you know that what they are currently doing matches your expectations for the project. If they have been working on smaller scale projects, then perhaps you want to search for someone who has worked on projects similar to yours instead. Look for quality work, too.


Word of mouth referrals

Ask around for referrals and recommendations from friends and family to see if they have someone they’ve worked with previously they can share with you. By having someone you trust recommend who to work with, you automatically give the subcontractor a level of trust which can make projects easier to manage.


Investigate their licensing

Ensuring they have the correct licensing for the job is critical. Australia’s largest licensing database, http://www.licensedtrades.com.au allows you to search by name for any tradesman across the country and verify what their exact licenses are. This is a great way to check that the electrician you’re about to hire, really is an electrician.


Investigate their insurance

Ask to see their insurance certificates and they should provide them to you. The most important one to look for is Public Liability Insurance. As long as they have a current certificate that is in date, valid and from a reputable insurer they are good to go.


Get a written quote

We hear so many stories about tradespeople quoting via the phone or on the spot verbally, but changing the quote as time goes on with no evidence supporting the extra expense. You can always ask for a written quote and this way, there is a clear expectation of cost for you both. 

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